What files are needed

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What files are needed

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:06 am

Basic files are needed:
MR.EXE - Starting up Magic Router.
MM.EXE - Core file.
MD.DAT - Core data file.
InstallActiveX.exe - ActiveX Installation.
Mswinsck.ocx - Core component file, need administrator right to register.

Additional file is needed according to different usage:
Running with remote management, index.html and help.html are needed.
Running as router mode = server and authentication is selected, user.txt is needed.
Running as agent server, user.txt is needed.
Running with firewall, DBCStore.mdb, WhiteIp.txt and BlackIp.txt are needed.
Running MS.EXE (Magic Starter, start up all MR.EXE), MS.txt is needed.

Run InstallActiveX.exe instead of Install.bat after version 1.0.0.
Mswinsck.ocx is for version 1.0.0, version after 1.0.0 is not needed.
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