FTP with Magic Router

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FTP with Magic Router

Postby admin » Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:06 am

It is very hard to apply Magic Router to FTP. Plesae see the following notes from internet.

From our testing:
It is not possible to forward ftp, ftp client will check the ip in return data string from ftp server. FTP is not truly talk by connected ip:port, not like smtp, pop3 or http.

From Internet, concerning ftp connection:
FTP operates on the application layer of the OSI model, and is used to transfer files using TCP/IP.[3] In order to do this a FTP server needs to be running and waiting for incoming requests.[3] The client computer is then able to communicate with the server on port 21.[3][6] This connection, called the control connection,[7] remains open for the duration of the session, with a second connection, called the data connection,[2][7] either opened by the server from its port 20 to a negotiated client port (active mode) or opened by the client from an arbitrary port to a negotiated server port (passive mode) as required to transfer file data.[2][6] The control connection is used for session administration (i.e., commands, identification, passwords)[8] exchanged between the client and server using a telnet-like protocol. For example "RETR filename" would transfer the specified file from the server to the client. Due to this two-port structure, FTP is considered an out-of-band, as opposed to an in-band protocol such as HTTP.[8]
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