Analyze Your PC with Installed Software by DNS Request

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Analyze Your PC with Installed Software by DNS Request

Postby admin » Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:01 am

Sometimes we want to know what information or data is being sent out to outside server. We can change the network dns setting is enough to capture domains.

Start Magic Router, input listen port = 53, to port = 53, protocol = UDP, to host = (your original dns ip) .
Click Start(0) button.
Go to Tools > Log Data > 5 minutes, click start button.
Go to Windows Control Panel > Set Network > TCP/IP > DNS to
Restart System Service > DNS Client.

See DataLog.txt after some moments. You will find some domains in the DataLog.txt file. Some from virus program, some from adv program, some from Microsoft, some from some shareware program.....

Of course, you can install some sniffing program to capture what data is going out. But it is too much, the focus here is to capture what domain.
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