Remote Desktop + Limited User on Same PC = Safe Browsing

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Remote Desktop + Limited User on Same PC = Safe Browsing

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:43 am

By Running Remote Desktop with limited user right on same computer, your computer will become very safe and no need to install antivirus program or any defensor program. Since limited user login is not allowed to install any program, destroy system or virus attack.
Steps to run:

1. Create a limited user on your computer.
2. Go to system, click remote desktop page, add the limited user to access list.
3. Start up Magic Router, and set listen port = 3388, to host =, to port = 3389, press start(0).
4. A remote desktop login screen is coming, then input the user name and password. If no password created, remote desktop is not allowed you to login.

Therefore, we do not need to surf Internet in virtual machine or other very protected computer.
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