Using Forwarder instead of Standard Routing

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Using Forwarder instead of Standard Routing

Postby admin » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:43 am

Listener client is support multiple listen port, you can setup more than 1 listen port, forward to final server.

Port forward definition for samba,137,,137,UDP,138,,138,UDP,139,,139,TCP,445,,445,TCP

Port forward definition for Netsentinel (Parallel port key authentication).
The following definition can share/mirror network A server to network B.,2050,,2050,UDP,2051,,2051,TCP

If use standard routing, you need to start up 2 Magic Router.
Routing1 on network A:
2050 to 2050,,UDP
Routing2 on network A:
2051 to 2051,,TCP
Routing3 on network B:
2050 to 2050,,UDP
Routing4 on network B:
2051 to 2051,,TCP
Where is public ip of network B

But use 2 Magic Router, you can setup qos, firewall, quota and more that agent forward client can’t.
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